Now is the time to get started on your beach body


We have roughly 3 months to shed the winter pounds and be “swimsuit-ready”, there’s no time to lose, starting now we can follow a balanced and doable plan and attain our goals.

Most people think beach and pool time when they think of summer, none of us want to be the person in layers of clothes on a hot summer’s day while our friends are having fun swimming or tanning, let’s get a started on getting in shape for the summer.

These 4 aspects can make or break our success:


Plan your healthy new routine day by day! Plan your meals for each day in advance, plan your exercise. According to the experts “planning helps you build new habits”! Without planning eating right will always be more difficult. Planning requires discipline and is the basis of the success stories. Buddy-up! Maybe plan to exercise and diet with a friend, you can motivate each other in the tough times!


First thing you need to do (and we all know this) is ditch the junk and processed foods! Buy nutritious, fresh foods and cook for yourself! Less calories, less salt, less carbs and more water! Look at your portion sizes, do not overeat! Are you eating the correct ratio of foods, for e.g.

25% of your plate – whole grains,

25% – healthy proteins,

35% – vegetables,

15% – fruits?


Just move it!!! Ideally we need to exercise 45 minutes a day at least 3 – 4 times a week to lose weight according to the experts. This doesn’t always work with our busy schedules, but maybe try to work a few minutes extra into your usual exercise routine, whether it’s a 20 minute walk before breakfast, an extra cardio class at the gym in the week or take the stairs and walk more to get places. The idea is to be more active!

Mind set

Think about why you want to lose the weight! Who are you doing it for? Can you visualize yourself once you have reached your goal? Put up motivational pictures on your fridge or inside your cupboard, of yourself when you felt and looked good or of someone who has a healthy body that you admire – visualize it! Even on those awful days when gym is the last thing you want to do the clear mental image of your goal will get you working out!

Get started today, you can safely lose 1-2 pounds of fat a week, and by summer you can feel more confident and possibly have your beach body ready!