7 ways to lose that stubborn belly fat


Having a flat stomach or sexy abs is something we all want, but it is one of hardest areas to target, tone and sculpt. Let’s find out what we can do to lose that belly fat by making a few dietary changes. Research shows there are some changes we need to make to our every diet in order to lose the belly.

#1. Get moving:

You do not need to spend hours pumping iron in the gym, just make sure you increase your activity. Walking at least 30mins a day and brisk pace is enough to show some results. Obviously the more you increase your level of activity the faster you will see improvement.

#2. Stay hydrated:

Stay well hydrated is of utmost importance, water as an important part of body functions, it not only aids digestion and elimination, but it also helps the metabolism and as part of a diet it will help you feel full and eat less. Also remember water provides hydration without adding empty calories.

#3. Say no to diet soda

This is a sneaky one when it comes to losing weight on the stomach, you think opting for the diet soda is going to help, when in fact it will totally sabotage your efforts! Diet sodas are laden with artificial sweeteners, which in addition to being harmful to your overall health, also signal your body that “sugar” is on it’s way, this spikes your insulin and tells the body to go into fat-storing mode.

#4. Be green

Drink green tea! Although this tea contains less caffeine than coffee it is still enough to have an effect. Caffeine is a common stimulant and helps burn fat. More importantly green tea is laden with antioxidants, EGCG, is a great boost to the metabolism.

#5. Spice it up!

Adding “heat” to your meals in the form of peppers, chillis and tumeric. Chillis have been found to get your metabolism going, and studies have shown by adding this to your meals ramps up your weight loss.

#6. Cut out the refined carbs

This is not news to us, we have heard this for years, refined carbs. Refined or processed carbs have little to no nutritional value, and can easily cause us to overeat. Cut out the white bread, pasta, sugars and cereals. Get wholesome, oats, bran quinoa and brown rice, these foods are laden with fibre, iron , vitamins and more.

#7. Get some zzz’s

If you are planning to workout or even manage a busy day, a lack of sleep will drain your energy levels s ignificantly. But more than that when we are sleep deprived we need extra “calories” for energy to keep us going, that is when we make poor meal and snack decisions.