Have a Ball getting Abs



Lie on an exercise ball with your lower back curvature pressed against the spherical surface of the ball. Your feet should be bent at the knee and pressed firmly against the floor. The upper torso should be hanging off the top of the ball. The arms should either be kept alongside the body or crossed on top of your chest as these positions avoid neck strains (as opposed to the hands behind the back of the head position).

Lower your torso into a stretch position keeping the neck stationary at all times. This will be your starting position.

With the hips stationary, flex the waist by contracting the abdominals and curl the shoulders and trunk upward until you feel a nice contraction on your abdominals. The arms should simply slide up the side of your legs if you have them at the side or just stay on top of your chest if you have them crossed. The lower back should always stay in contact with the ball. Exhale as you perform this movement and hold the contraction for a second.

As you inhale, go back to the starting position.


Get in pushup position, then rest the tops of your feet on a stability ball – Keeping your legs as straight as possible, bend your hips and try to pull your feet toward your chest so that the ball rolls forward.

Hold at the top for three to four seconds, then slowly roll back to the starting position. Continue rolling the ball backward (letting it move up your legs) until your body forms a straight line about 30 degrees to the floor. That’s one rep.

Ball Pass

Lie faceup on the floor, holding a stability ball overhead with both hands, your legs together and extended straight on the floor – In one motion, brace your core and lift your arms and legs off the ground, placing the ball between your feet.

Squeeze the ball with your legs and lower your arms and legs back to the floor. Repeat, passing the ball back to your hands. That’s one rep.

Decline Plank

Place your feet firmly on top of the ball. Fully extend outwards onto your forearms into full plank position

Brace your abs, tighten your core, and maintain a straight line along the top of your body. Hold for half a minute.

Leg Lifts

Lie on your side and place the exercise ball between your shins. Clasp your legs slightly to hold the ball in place.

Use your inner thighs to help you lift the exercise ball up into the air. Lower it back to the floor and repeat the steps before switching sides.

Russian Twists

Lie your back in the centre of the ball with your face looking upwards. Make sure your butt is hanging off the edge and your knees are bent at 90 degrees in front of you.

Put your feet flat on the floor. Bring arms together and palms touching each other. Then extend your arms toward the ceiling, directly above the shoulders.

Keeping lower body still, rotate torso to right, bringing arms out to the side at shoulder level. Rotate back through the centre, and then rotate torso to  left, lowering arms out to the left at shoulder level to complete one repetition.