Curvy Calves


Standing Calf Raises

Adjust the padded lever of the calf raise machine to fit your height.

Place your shoulders under the pads provided and position your toes facing forward (or using any of the two other positions described at the beginning of the chapter). The balls of your feet should be secured on top of the calf block with the heels extending off it. Push the lever up by extending your hips and knees until your torso is standing erect. The knees should be kept with a slight bend; never locked. Toes should be facing forward, outwards or inwards as described at the beginning of the chapter. This will be your starting position.

Raise your heels as you breathe out by extending your ankles as high as possible and flexing your calf. Ensure that the knee is kept stationary at all times. There should be no bending at any time. Hold the contracted position by a second before you start to go back down.

Go back slowly to the starting position as you breathe in by lowering your heels as you bend the ankles until calves are stretched.

Single Calf Raises

Position toes and balls of feet on calf block or elevation with heels and arches extending off. Place hand or hands on support for balance. Lift one leg to rear by bending knee.

Raise heel by extending ankle as high as possible. Lower heel by bending ankle until calf is stretched. Repeat. Continue with opposite leg.

Jump Squats

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart. Squat down as if you were performing a normal squat.

Engage your core and jump in the air explosively. On landing lower the body back into the squat position and that is 1 rep. Be careful to land with control and if there is any pain in knees stop immediately.

Pulsing Lunges


From a standing start, step forward like a regular lunge. Lunge down partially, about a quarter of the way down as you would for a normal lunge. This is the starting position.

Begin exercise by pulsing up and down, performing the lunge by going up and down about 3 inches or so. Be sure you are always in the lunge position and never standing up during the exercise. Complete for the desired number of repetitions.

Leg lifts


While standing up straight with both feet next to each other at around shoulder width, grab a sturdy surface such as the sides of a squat rack or the top of a chair to brace yourself and keep balance.

With or without an ankle weight, lift one leg behind you as if performing a leg curl but standing up while keeping the other leg straight. Breathe out as you perform this movement.

Slowly bring the raised leg back to the floor as you breathe in. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions. Repeat the movement with the opposite leg.

Jumping Jacks

Stand with your feet together and your hands down by your side.

In one motion jump your feet out to the side and raise your arms above your head.

Immediately reverse that motion by jumping back to the starting position.


To begin, lie down with your back pressed against the floor or on an exercise mat (optional). Your arms should be fully extended to the sides with your palms facing down. Note: The arms should be stationary the entire time.

With a slight bend at the knees, lift your legs up so that your heels are about 6 inches off the ground. This is the starting position.

Now lift your left leg up to about a 45 degree angle while your right leg is lowered until the heel is about 2-3 inches from the ground.

Switch movements by raising your right leg up and lowering your left leg. Remember to breathe while performing this exercise.