How to Choose a Fitness Trainer to Help You Get Super Sexy


Weight loss isn’t easy. We all know that. So when you have the opportunity to get some professional help to get you motivated, achieve great results, and sculpt a sexier body, it can be greatly rewarding. Fitness trainers are well worth the money if you choose the right one. So how does one go about choosing a fitness trainer? There are so many to choose from! Read on to find out what your criteria should be for your fitness trainer…

1. Certification

This might seem obvious, but you should always make sure to check a fitness trainer’s certification. Are they up to date with their certification? Which program did they complete? Is it a reputable fitness association that awarded them their certification?

These questions are all important because they will tell you how much testing was done before the certification was achieved and that will tell you how knowledgeable this fitness trainer really is not what how they claim to be.

A knowledgeable fitness trainer will be there to answer any and all fitness and dieting questions you may have. With their knowledge, you become knowledgeable and make wiser decisions even when not by their side. They will also be able to tailor your workouts to your goals and body type because they know the science behind the workout.

Of course, there is more to a great fitness trainer than knowledge, so here is criteria number two:

2. Motivation

For some people, this gigantic aspect of fitness is their weakest point. That is why having a fitness trainer that will be able to keep you on the horse is so important.

The voice inside our heads telling us to give up are not as loud as a fitness trainer pushing us to finish our workouts strong. It is human nature to feel more accountable to another than to ourselves. Knowing that someone is going to be somewhere at a certain time and expects you to show up and give your all is a powerful motivation.

Your fitness trainer should also rub off on you. Their energy should be high and stay at that level during your workouts. Workouts should be fun and intense for best results. If anything, ask the fitness trainer candidate for a free first session to see if your satisfied with their mode of training.

3. Attentive

Your fitness trainer should be attentive to your needs. If you say you want to do more cardio, they should be able to oblige and if they notice you aren’t progressing in a certain area, they should address that and adjust your workouts accordingly.

They should also be concerned for your safety and make sure you are doing all the moves in good form to prevent injury. Yes, they should push you beyond your comfort zone but not into a stroke! Your fitness trainer should always be in the room with you and whenever necessary show you how to perform a certain move by completing it themselves.

No, your workouts aren’t the time to check their IM’s. No, your workouts aren’t free time for them to chat with the gym crowd. Their focus should always be intent on “YOU”!

4. Up to Date

Fitness is ever evolving. New and more efficient ways to burn fat and sculpt a sexy body are tested and found useful every year. You don’t want to be stuck with a fitness trainer stuck in the ’80s. Your trainer should be up to speed with all the new developments in the industry, always learning, always looking for the next best way to get you fit. How can you tell if they are? Ask them if they are a member of an association or do they attend fitness conventions. Ask them if they are currently taking classes or do they have a subscription to a fitness journal such as ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal. The answer should be positive to at least one of these questions.

The Low Down

Price and schedule are going to be your first instinct and obviously a big factor in your choosing a fitness trainer BUT- don’t forget these other crucial considerations before you make a decision. All these criteria will go a long way to getting you super sexy, which is why you are enlisting in a fitness trainer in the first place, right?

Also, don’t feel like you are trapped if you find you chose the wrong one. You didn’t marry them and you aren’t under contract. Politely let them go and find that special fitness trainer who will whip you into shape.