Back Fat Burial

Back Fat Burial

Seated Flies

Place a couple of dumbbells looking forward in front of a flat bench. Sit on the end of the bench with your legs together and the dumbbells behind your calves.

Bend at the waist while keeping the back straight in order to pick up the dumbbells. The palms of your hands should be facing each other as you pick them. This will be your starting position.

Keeping your torso forward and stationary, and the arms slightly bent at the elbows, lift the dumbbells straight to the side until both arms are parallel to the floor. Exhale as you lift the weights. (Note: avoid swinging the torso or bringing the arms back as opposed to the side.)

After a one second contraction at the top, slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position. Repeat for suggested amount of repetitions.

Wood Chops

Grab a dumbbell or medicine ball. Stand with your feet  shoulder- width apart and hold the weight in front of  you with both hands. Tighten your abs and squat, rotating the weight up and across to the left.  Now, use your abs to control the movement as you ‘chop’ down and across to your right foot.  (Keep  your body weight over your heels.  Don’t let your knees go past your toes and keep your shoulders pressed down.)

Side Forearm Plank

Lie on your left side and lift your body off the ground with your left elbow on the mat directly under your shoulder. Keep legs straight and stack your right foot on top of your left.

Place your right arm flat on top of your right side (or place right hand on right hip or raise arm in air), and support the weight of your body on the outer left foot and left forearm.

Dumbbell Shrugs

Grab a set of dumbbells and hold them down by your sides, palms facing in. Raise your shoulders as high as possible (the shrug) and lower.  Try not to roll your shoulders at all.

Side Fly Extension

Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, a dumbbell in each hand, and arms hanging in the center of the body with palms facing forward.

In a controlled motion, without bending the arms, swing the arms out to the sides until they are even with the shoulders. If you have to swing your upper body in order to raise the dumbbells, decrease the weight. Pause at the top. 

Return the arms back to center. That is one rep. Repeat for allotted time.

Hammer Rows

Load an appropriate weight onto the pins and adjust the seat height so that you can just reach the handles above you. Adjust the knee pad to help keep you down. Grasp the handles with a pronated grip. This will be your starting position.

Pull the handles towards your torso, retracting your shoulder blades as you flex the elbow. Pause at the bottom of the motion, and then slowly return the handles to the starting position. For multiple repetitions, avoid completely returning the weight to the stops to keep tension on the muscles being worked.


To begin, lie straight and face down on the floor or exercise mat. Your arms should be fully extended in front of you. This is the starting position.

Simultaneously raise your arms, legs, and chest off of the floor and hold this contraction for 2 seconds. Tip: Squeeze your lower back to get the best results from this exercise. Remember to exhale during this movement. Note: When holding the contracted position, you should look like superman when he is flying.

Slowly begin to lower your arms, legs and chest back down to the starting position while inhaling. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.


Approach the bar so that it is centered over your feet. Your feet should be about hip-width apart. Bend at the hip to grip the bar at shoulder-width allowing your shoulder blades to protract. Typically, you would use an alternating grip.

With your feet and your grip set, take a big breath and then lower your hips and flex the knees until your shins contact the bar. Look forward with your head. Keep your chest up and your back arched, and begin driving through the heels to move the weight upward.

After the bar passes the knees aggressively pull the bar back, pulling your shoulder blades together as you drive your hips forward into the bar. Lower the bar by bending at the hips and guiding it to the floor.