Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…


Physique image is a subject that often makes one think of teenage girls starving themselves thin.  But most people, no matter how mature or young, have an idea or image of the way their body should look.  This image is composed of the reality (actual view in the mirror) and our idealistic view of our perfect youthful, fitter, slimmer body, this forms the expectation of the way we think our physique “should” look.  This image we strive for is influenced heavily by media images, movies, parental influences, peers, past experiences etc…

One trainer noted that in her experience of many years of being a trainer, that there is one common thread among new health participants. Most newbies begin a health program to “get wholesome and fit” and to alter a particular body area. The operative phrase here is particular body area.  For example, it’s common for men to need to lose the fat roll around the mid part (“love handles”) and for ladies need to trim the hips.

However, have you ever actually observed other people in your fitness center?  If you do, you will notice that there are a number of men doing upper body and arm workouts and the majority of women are focusing on lower body exercises.  Most male clients, for example, never wanted to train their outer and inner thighs, as they feel these exercises are meant for the fairer sex.

Working on the whole body systematically for about 6 months you will definitely see the start of total body transformation.  This means different things to different people, on the whole it means strength and health. A body that is strong and healthy moves better and stands straighter (this means you instantly look better in your clothes).

After about six months or so when “trainees” start to see real changes, they start to formulate new fitness goals that are surprisingly different from their initial ones. They haven’t only begun to remodel their bodies, they have remodeled their thinking. Their ideal body, or body image, has changed.

They feel really good and they KNOW they look good!