Fitness trends


There are many times that the world has experienced fitness manias or fads come and go but there are

certain trends which linger on and even evolve over time as they become more wide-spread. The year

2016, though just kicked off recently, has brought with it some major fitness trends that are most likely

to stick around. This is because of the convenience and ease they allow for an individual in following

their exercise regime and also permitting them to keep track of their progress. So, let us know go into a

deeper discussion of what these trends are and how they work.


All-in-one wearable technology

The all-in-one fitness wearables are nothing new in the year 2016 since the past two years have seen a

tremendous increase in the usage of these items. In the year 2015, the worldwide sales of these

wearable fitness trackers were seen going up with a striking rate of 163%, as concluded by the results

gathered from the International Data Corporation (IDC). This has given all the companies in this

particular industry a run for some fierce competition, each one coming up with newer options in order

to be one step ahead of the others.

There are numerous products out there, with  one brand, Fitbit alone offering several variations of

wristbands that can keep track of all kinds of fitness measures ranging from the heartbeat rate to the

number of steps taken. Depending on what it is that athletic individuals want to keep track of and the

kind of exercise routine they follow, they can choose from amongst countless products. For instance to

keep track of sleeping time there is the jawbone UP3, Moov Now  is for swimming enthusiasts, Garmin

for multiple sports as well as others which are a watch cum calendar cum fitness band.


Body weight training

Another rage for the New Year is the body weight training programs, since it helps with gaining strength,

flexibility and enhances overall health. Another reason why this kind of training has become popular is that life

is extremely busy for most individuals and not everyone can find the time to hit the gym. Body weight

training doesn’t require one to go to a gym or to use any kind of equipment, making it a very convenient

and easy workout routine which can be managed within the comfort of your home.


Group workouts

Working out with other individuals as part of a class, is another trend which is pretty much on the rise.

More often than not, working out becomes boring for people and that ends in only one thing – quitting.

When people workout in a group, they can find motivation and inspiration which arises because of the

natural association which they form with each other. It’s only natural; when one person watches

another doing their best to reach their fitness goal, the on-looker’s blood also gets pumped up!


High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training has gained tremendous popularity recently; it’s the kind of training which

involved rigorous exercise followed by a short burst of time and later trailed with a less-intense period.

The HIIT programs are proven to show body fat loss much more rapidly than other training programs

while providing more muscle mass. Thus, it’s a training regime for those individuals who are not just

looking to get lean, but to go a step ahead and get mean physique.


Social networking

With social networking gaining more fame and regard than ever before, there are now online social

platforms particularly for fitness enthusiasts – they are intended to keep track of a person’s workout

routine, keep calorie count and above all, provide a person with a big dose of motivation so that he/she

keeps working in the direction of their fitness goals. There are several social networks focusing on

fitness, namely Fitocracy, Extra pounds, Daily Mile, Traneo, Map My Fitness as well as many others.