5 Ways Your Mobile Phone Can Help you Lose Weight


These days there is a cell phone application for everything. It can help you decide what to cook tonight, how to get to the newest club, kill time by throwing upset birds at pigs and even let you know how to treat your girlfriend every day of the month. As much useless apps as there are, there are many that can be very helpful in your life. Especially in your weight loss. Keep reading to see how these five apps will help you in your endeavor to slim out…

 Map My Fitness– If running, cycling, or any other type of mobile workouts are your thing, or maybe you want it to be your thing, this app is perfect for you. Using GPS this little app follows you on your morning run or ride and tracks distance, time, speed, and elevation. It is directly linked to the iMap Fitness website where you can store all your data, see your progress, and even take challenges. Did you do really well today? Share it with your friends and family through Facebook!

Eat this, Not That!- This app is more of a game but its amazing how you can train yourself through interactive learning! This game asks you to decide between two meals, many from your local restaurants, based on nutrition and calorie content. Next time you eat out, you’ll be wiser!

Calorie Counter MyNetDiary– Find anything you need to know about the foods you are eating at the touch of a finger. Wondering how many calories you just ate for lunch? Simply enter your foods into the calorie counter and you’ll find out! They can show you your food info in pretty graphics like charts and reports. You can also find measurements and recipes and export your data to Excel and print it out.

Nike Training Club– If you are a fan of the Nike Training Club, we have good news for you! They just released an app that is designed for women that uses more than 90 drills to keep you constantly challenged. The better you get with fitness, the harder the drills you will get, so you won’t hit a lull in your fitness progress.


LoseIt!- Users are raving about its ease of use and tracking. This is a comprehensive food and workout journal to keep you engaged and motivated in your weight loss goals. You will get badges when you reach certain successes and you can see all your data on LoseIt.com


When we are serious about our weight loss, it helps to use little cheats and anything to keep us thinking about our goals. We usually carry our cell phones around with us everywhere we go. It seems like a pretty good tool for constant reminders and keeping us on track!