4 Nutritional Gaps in the Typical American Diet – An Imbalanced Nation


Let’s be honest, the foods available in supermarkets around the U.S. don’t necessarily promote a

healthy lifestyle. With such easy access to processed snacks and fast food, a number of dietary

imbalances have left a number of Americans victim to chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease,

diabetes, and cancer.  In fact, the amount of sugar, fat, and nutritionally deficient foods being consumed

has led the U.S. Center of Disease Control to admit that roughly 9% of the U.S population (that’s 29.1

million people) have some form of diabetes, and that 1 out of every three people born in the year 2000

will eventually develop type 2 diabetes.  These staggering statistics have inspired people to adjust their

eating habits not only to get in better shape, but also to live a more balanced lifestyle. In today’s post,

we’ll identify four prominent nutritional gaps in the standard western diet, discuss how they affect good

health, and guide you to correcting them using well-planned meals and nutritional shakes like SlimTrim.

Nutritional Deficiencies in Western Diets

Vitamin D Deficiencies: Commonly absorbed through natural sunlight and foods such as salmon,

mushrooms, and cereal, vitamin D is essential for a healthy body and mind. It is responsible for

proper bone and cell growth, immune function, preventing inflammation, and has even been

suggested to offset depressive thoughts. Surprisingly however, over 70% of Americans are

deficient in vitamin D, which can lead to bone degeneration, high blood pressure, and lower

immune function.

Potassium Deficiencies: As one of the most important minerals for body function, the

electrolytes carried in potassium help to maintain proper blood pressure levels, heart health, as

well as muscle and nerve function among other things. Individuals who eat plenty of fruits and

vegetables usually get all the potassium they need, however the salts and processed foods so

engrained in a western diet increase the recommended daily amount of potassium. Symptoms

of low-potassium levels can include weakness, lack of energy, muscle cramps, stomach

disturbances, and an irregular heartbeat.  If allowed to persist, low potassium levels can lead to

osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.  Because 54 million Americans

struggle with osteoporosis, and 1 in every 4 deaths are a result of heart disease, getting your

daily value of potassium is essential for life-long good health.

Vitamin E: As one of the vitamins that support nerve function, and has been thought to prevent

(and possibly delay) chronic diseases known to be caused by an excess of free radical cells. If

vitamin E levels are maintained at the recommended intake level throughout a person’s life, it

can help to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Magnesium: Magnesium is an essential compound for the proper functioning of hundreds of

bodily functions, including muscle and nerve function, controlling blood glucose levels, and

maintaining proper blood pressure regulation. It is also known to be essential for energy

production, and contributes to normal heart rhythm and muscle contractions. Although

magnesium can be found in a number of whole foods like fruits and vegetables, a surprising 68%

of Americans are believed to be magnesium deficient.

Get More Nutrition- Change your Diet

Despite our health needs, it’s no secret that finding time to prepare three well-planned, nutritionally

dense meals each day is unrealistic for most of us. Between work, school, parenting, and other calls to

duty, it’s not uncommon to feel like health is one of the lowest priorities on our personal totem poles.

Thankfully, nutritional shakes like SlimTrim can make the difference between a nutritionally deficient

life, and a nutritionally dense one. Every serving of SlimTrim shakes are designed to deliver your daily

value of each of the above mentioned vitamins. Because the shakes can be paired with juice, water, or

milk, prepping one before leaving the house is extremely quick and easy. Finally, when nutritional

shakes like SlimTrim are a regular part of your diet, there is less pressure on you to prepare truly

balanced meals to ensure you are getting enough vitamins to support immune health and promote

weight loss.

If you feel that you simply aren’t getting enough nutrition from diet alone, or simply don’t have the time

to shop and prepare well-balanced meals, substituting (or supplementing) one or two meals a day with

nutritional shakes such as SlimTrim can give you the extra boost you need to live long, and live healthy.

Although our supermarkets are packed with processed foods and nutritional disasters, poor health

doesn’t have to be inevitable. Deciding to live a well-balanced life, and eat a nutritionally dense, well-

balanced diet is the key to not only lowering your weight, but living a healthy, disease-free life.

So, do you think processed foods are to blame for so many health issues in the United States? Let us

know in the comment section below!