The Benefits of Adding Nutritional Shakes into your Work-Out Regimen

Nutritional Shakes

Losing and maintaining weight is an ongoing process. While some low-fat diets can successfully peel

pounds off of dedicated dieters, many studies have proven that in order to lose and maintain a healthy

body weight, individuals need to live a healthier lifestyle rather than commit to a short-term diet plan.  If

you are trying to steadily loose or maintain body weight in a healthy manner, it may be time to consider

incorporating nutritional meal replacement shakes into your weight loss plan. Nutrition shakes offer a

full spectrum of protein, carbs, and vitamins, which are absorbed by the blood stream quickly thanks to

their liquidated form. Today, we’ll delve into the benefits of using nutrition shakes to lose and maintain

weight in a healthy manner.

Weight Loss

Recently, the University of Ulm conducted a study to measure the effects nutritional shakes have on

overweight individuals. To support their research, two groups of overweight participants were formed.

The first group included obese individuals assigned to incorporate weight loss shakes into their diet over

the course of the year, while the second group was instructed to continue their solid-food diet. After a

year of research, the university found that the participants who had replaced one or two meals per day

with weight loss shakes had lost significantly more weight than those who continued to diet solely on

solid foods. Since then, weight loss shakes have become a staple piece of a health-oriented weight loss plan.


Weight Management

As we mentioned earlier, nutrition shakes are extremely effective for people who are trying to lose

significant amounts of weight. But what about their ability to help slimmed individuals maintain their

target body mass index? Because nutrition shakes can be used as a meal replacement or supplement,

individuals who have already reached their target weight can use shakes to maintain their figure.

Instead of using weight loss shakes as a full meal replacement, pair each serving with small solid meals

such as fruit salads, brown rice, or other light foods. For the best results, determine your daily calorie

intake (which usually range anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day), and use nutrition shakes to

help you reach that calorie count without going hungry. Be sure to eat health-oriented foods such as

fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in each meal, and don’t forget to exercise daily.



Whether you’re trying to lose or maintain weight, ensuring you have access to a full range of vitamins

and minerals is a must. Unfortunately, even those of us who strive to incorporate a full daily value of

each vitamin and mineral inevitably fall short. The beauty of weight loss shakes is the fact that most

offer all of the vitamins and minerals you need in a single shake, and include a combination of protein,

carbs, and healthy fats. Keep in mind, however, that not all nutrition shakes offer full daily values of

each important vitamin compound; to be sure you are picking the right nutritional shake, be sure to do

research on the product you are considering before purchasing. For more information about the best

vitamins and minerals to incorporate into a weight loss plan, check this article by Bembu.



One of the most common hurdles people face when maintaining a healthy diet is their busy schedule.

Between work, school, family, and friends, many individuals rarely find time to make themselves a home

cooked meal. Instead, they turn to fast or frozen food which often contain minimal nutrients and a high

fat content. Particularly useful on busy mornings, nutrition shakes only take a few minutes to blend

together. Whether you prefer to blend your shake into a fruit and veggie smoothie or simply mix it into

your morning glass of orange juice, finding time to prepare a shake is much easier (not to mention

healthier) than preparing a full meal or stopping at the local fast food chain on your way to work.

Supported by countless health and wellness studies, nutrition shakes are a healthy way to lose and

maintain weight. Their full spectrum of vitamins and minerals delivers your daily value of nutrients, and

can be prepared in a matter of minutes to supplement or replace a meal. Keep in mind, however, that

some weight loss shakes are more vitamin-rich than others; to make sure you start using the weight loss

shake best suited for your weight goals and lifestyle, discuss your options with a fitness trainer or