Break A Leg

Leg Press Check the weight. Using the leg press machine, sit and place your legs on the platform directly in front of you at a medium (shoulder width)...

Caffeine and weight loss. Can I keep drinking my coffee?

Even though sound evidence has not been found to date, many people prefer caffeine usage as a method of boosting weight loss. Caffeine is...



30 Minute Metabolic Rev-up

High knees Stand straight with the feet hip width apart, looking straight ahead and arms hanging down by your side. Jump from one foot to...

4 Nutritional Gaps in the Typical American Diet – An Imbalanced Nation

Let’s be honest, the foods available in supermarkets around the U.S. don’t necessarily promote a healthy lifestyle. With such easy access to processed snacks and...

Desk Workout

Calf Raises Raise your legs up onto the tips of your toes while remaining seated. Your calf muscles should start to burn after a few...



Stop Starving Yourself, Start Living Healthier

Today, a number of Americans are faced with health problems caused by overeating, a consistent sedentary lifestyle, and a wild over-consumption of processed foods. According...

How To Make Juicing Part Of Your Healthy Diet

Juicing has been proclaimed to be beneficial to a person’s diet. Take some of these tips so that you can use your own juicing...

Top Antioxidants for a Healthy diet

Yes, we have all heard it, at least, a million times that the key to staying healthy is through the incorporation of a wide...
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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Physique image is a subject that often makes one think of teenage girls starving themselves thin. ...

Break A Leg

Leg Press Check the weight. Using the leg press machine, sit and place your legs on the platform directly...

Shoulder Shaper

Push-ups Lie on the floor face down and place your hands about 36 inches apart while...

Fitness trends

There are many times that the world has experienced fitness manias or fads come and...

Tone @ Home

Arm Circle Slowly start to make circles of about 1 foot in diameter with each outstretched...



Thai Green Curry

Slim Trim Recipes Ingredients: 10 sprays Weighless spray or one-cal-per-spray oil 3 Chicken breasts, cut into bite sized pieces 3 Egg Plants (big, cut into 1cm ( ½...

How we Roll


The big C



Dumbbells – Arms

Hammer Curls: Stand up with your torso upright and a dumbbell on each hand being held at arms length. The palms of the hands should...
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Core Drill

V Crunch Lie on your back, and lift your legs and arms up so they are extended toward the ceiling. Lift your upper back off...

Coconut Ice Dream

Ingredients 1 can (13.5 oz) full fat coconut milk 2 cans (13.5 oz each) full fat coconut milk 1/2 cup of Agave nectar or honey 2 tsp vanilla...

Power Packed Pancakes

Slim Trim Recipes Ingredients: 1 medium fresh Banana 2 large Egg whites 0,5 tsp Vanilla Extract 2 tbsp nonfat Milk(or lite coconut milk or milk of your choice) 1 level...